Stephy C





Favorite Way to Smoke:

My favorite smoking device is vaporizer pen because I can take it anywhere and smoke on the low.

Favorite Hightivity:

I like to have conversations with other people who are smoking. Also looking at Instagram or Twitter and laughing uncontrollably at stupid stuff. I also like to eat, and of course, have sex!

Favorite Stoned Sex Position:

All of them, lol. I love having sex while high. It’s an otherworldly experience.  


Stephy C is the sweetest person you will ever meet. With her beautiful smile and hot curves she is definitely a distraction. Originally a Midwest gal, she hopes to gain a career as a TV host. Best of all, she is a big Chicago sports fan and also loves pugs. The perfect combination and sweet and spice, it is hard not to love her.  

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