Marijuana Mustard Smuggler Caught

Photo: Rolling Stone

Photo: Rolling Stone

We recently did a post about marijuana smugglers which started with, “Now we’ve seen it all!”, but it seems we spoke too soon.

Just this past week State Troopers in Putnam County, Indiana were surprised during a routine safety inspection when they found 48 pounds of marijuana hidden among the cargo in a semi-truck. That really isn’t all that shocking seeing as how marijuana seems to be crisscrossing the U.S. from medicinal states to states that still have laws against it, bringing a pretty penny to the smugglers who choose to risk it all. WishTV reported Richard Sherman had his own unique way of transporting the cash crop. Mr. Sherman attempted to conceal the pounds of marijuana in vacuum sealed bags, which had a second layer which contained a large amount of yellow mustard.

You would think that this was the only case of marijuana smuggling in Indiana, but it’s not. This one comes from, Fishers, Indiana, where a semi truck driver was caught transporting 500 pounds of marijuana. The driver was caught by a night patrol officer who had noticed the truck parked in a superstore parking lot, said FOX59.

We are kind of glad that the mustard smuggler didn’t make it to his destination, who knows who would be smoking his mustard marijuana. So now we’ve seen tunnels, bazookas, catapults and mustard smugglers. We are very sure that this won’t be the last attempt smugglers will make to use condiments to conceal their illegal cargo. We’ve heard of peanut butter, hot sauce, essential oils, and pretty much everything under the sun used, but this was a first for mustard.

We really don’t think that any of our readers should attempt to smuggle anything that’s illegal into states where it’s not legal yet. But if you were to try we hope that you will learn from this smuggler’s mistakes, make sure you don’t have an overwhelming smell of mustard when stopped.

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